Community Projects

Our community projects create spaces to amplify Women and People of Colour, directly driving anti-racism.

We accomplish this through storytelling (campaigns), experiences (events) and community-building projects (artistic and literary production).

The campaign was exposed to over 4 million people in under 7 weeks, across 33 countries and with 65+ organisations supporting us.

In this anti-racism campaign targeting the startup ecosystem, we roped in Malcolm Turnbull, Seth Godin, Janine Allis, Guy Kawasaki, Mark Bouris, and Daniel Flynn to interview and amplify First Nations and African Australian startup founders- 4 out of 6 of which, identified as women.

We are creating directories of startup founders according to their region and country of heritage.

To date, we’ve listed close to 250 founders.

We are conducting a thorough examination of the Australian startup ecosystem to identify and showcase the diversity of our leadership.

Our most recent event, Curious About Culture Festival, amplified 40+ WoC creatives and small business owners. With crowds of up to 1000 people, they got direct access to new audiences and customers.

Later this year, we are publishing a book of short stories where we pay emerging WoC writers and lift their barrier of entry into the publishing world.

#CuriousAboutCulture Festival