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The The Curious About Culture Festival

Festival Goers' Testimonials

Here is what our guests are saying about the Curious About Culture Festival:
"Very well run festival, super diverse and lovely meeting everyone. Thanks for a great festival"
Priyani M.
"Thank you for bringing some much needed representation to the scene in Melbourne. More festivals please!!!"
Bhairavi T.
"This was amazing. I learnt about so many new local businesses and was surprised that I hadn’t heard about most of them before meeting them at their stalls at your event."
Sarika R.
"I loved the festival and the motive of putting WOC in the spotlight. Not only did their small businesses come into the limelight but also start a conversation between creatives/business owners and the community."
Grace O.
"Thank you for organising a very worthwhile event highlighting the incredible and varied works of WOC"
Hind K.
"I thought it was a great festival and I found it throughly enjoyable hearing from so many different creatives of different backgrounds."
Priyanka J.
"The conversations were fantastic, the mix of activities, stalls and food was so well done and I discovered so many new creatives that I'll be saving up money to shop with in future. It felt so welcoming and liked every detail had been thought of. An amazing event and I can't wait for the next one. Congrats to the team!"
Grace O.
"The program was great! Got to meet lots of amazing women and talk to them about their work. The space was inclusive, safe and happy. The stalls were very interesting and it was great to see so many people from under represented communities together at the same place! My friend and I left the festival hoping to attend another one soon."
Amrutha R.

Stallholders' Testimonials

Here is what our stallholders are saying about the Curious About Culture Festival:
"This festival definitely exceeded my expectations! As a first-time stallholder, it was amazing to meet so many other inspiring WOCs and the vibe was INCREDIBLE!!! I would LOVE to do this again in the future..."
Lisa H.
"I really loved the ease of communication between organisers and stallholders so that everyone was aware of what was happening at all times. The space was also easily accessible and the variety of art stalls was really appreciated. The decor and atmosphere was really positive and I had an overwhelmingly pleasant experience."
Somaya M.
Somaya's Mandala
"Thank you Creative Co-Operative for putting together such an amazing day to see Victorians out and about again. Not only did it give small businesses like us so much hope but many attendees told me how much they missed connecting with others"
Denara A
Seda Collective
"It was a fabulous event. It was well managed. The organisers have put great efforts to get the crowds and managed really well. I appreciate the work they are doing to encourage women and small businesses."
Sweety T.
Puresoul Collection
"This was my first ever market to sell my art and it was very successful... It was an amazing support to WoC creatives to sell their art with free-of-cost, as renting a market stall is usually very expensive... It has definitely exceeded my expectations, there were a lot more people (visitors to the market) than I expected so I was shocked with how much I sold on the day. Once again, thank you so much for making this event happen, and providing opportunities for WoC."
Nana U.
"I enjoyed the event. It was a very positive experience to me. Well organised, well prepared... It’s definitely exceeded my expectations, good vibes, the audience was nice and it was crowded too. I am grateful to have been part of it. Thank you so much."
Haruka L.
"It was a really well organised event, Priscilla answered every question I had and made sure to always be available. I really liked the venue, it was dynamic and allowed a good flow of people."
Maria Fernanda R.
Bot Workshop
"The event was very organised, the team was very helpful. We have a good flow of people visiting the festival and buying different products."
Karen B.
Bravo Karena
"This event was great, the entire staff had everything super organized, the location was very good, the people looked happy and for me it was more than I could imagine. Definitely exciting."
Lizette V.
LilizLu Studio
"I really appreciated the organizing group's attention to detail, ensuring I had what I needed to set up my stall and constantly checking in with me during the event. I loved how engaging the attendees were, and I got into some lovely chats with them."
Sandra Githinji
"I liked how the event went and all the support before, during and after it. It felt like a very supportive and exclusive space"
Rachel J.
Hera Mete